Penal Debate: The Responsible Business Initiative

On April 2, Prof. Dr. Monika Roth, Prof. Dr. Peter Kirchschläger, Dr. Isabelle Schluep and Dr. Tobias Meili, moderated by Prof. Dr. Jens Köhrsen, discussed the corporate responsibility initiative in a public panel discussion with more than 200 participants. The event was jointly organized by the ZRWP, the WWZ-Forum and the Pfarramt für Industrie und Wirtschaft.
Although - or because? - the positions were very controversial, many exciting aspects of the initiative were highlighted. The introductory lectures by Peter Kirchschläger (Ethics at the University of Lucerne) and Tobias Meili (Syngenta), for example, focused on the situation of the local farmers affected and highlighted the benefits and dangers of legal regulation. Advocates and opponents contributed their positions to the discussion in an understandable and comprehensible manner, and the differences were also made clear in answering questions from the audience.

Panel Debate on May 3, 2018

At the beginning of the project a discussion round was organized on the topic "Are Christian churches becoming green?" Kurt Zaugg Ott (director of OEKU), Prof. Dr Christophe Monnot (University of Strasbourg) and Dr Julia Blanc (University of Basel) discussed the topic.